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Best Signature Thai Massage In Gurgaon

Signature massage detox your body and give you a relaxing experience. It is the combination of various massage techniques like Swedish massage, deep tissue, acupressure and sport massage stretches. Before starting this therapy, you should consult your therapist and inform your medical history. If you have a muscle and bone pain, consult your doctor. This therapy is very useful to improve circulation, relieve tension, improve sleep and stimulate relaxation throughout the body. There are five best massage techniques put together in signature therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage: This therapy include physical and psychological benefits. It focus on relaxing muscles and help to treat muscle pain and improves stiffness in the body. Foreamrs and elbows are used to give extra pressure to heal injuries.Swedish Massage:  Swedish massage stretches the muscles, open the joints and decrease swelling. It also helpful to clear unwanted responses to stress.

We forgot the human touch is the powerful healer in today’s fast life. Touch therapy reduce body pain and stress, boost immune system. If we are tense, in need of release tension or any injury massage is the best solution.

Why people choose Swedish massage because there are several reason.

It is helpful for decreasing muscle toxins, improving flexibility, blood circulation and increasing blood oxygenation. It is very beneficial for heart. The masseuse uses strokes to flow towards the heart and manipulates the body’s soft tissues.
it has primarily involves soft, long kneading strokes to release tension. Light, Tapping and rhythmic strokes to release the tension from the surface layers of the muscles. Pressure applies on your feet, hands or outer ears to affect your entire body. In this therapy, foot reflexology is very helpful for relaxation, digestion and to improve sleep. In addition, head massage plays very important role in this therapy, it will ease symptoms of headache, reduce stress, ease migraine and gives relaxation.

Duration – 60 Minutes——– Rs 2499 / Person (15 min Steam & Shower)

Duration – 90 Minutes——– Rs 2999 / Person (15 min Steam & Shower)

Duration – 120 Minutes—— Rs 3499 / Person (15 min Steam & Shower)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does signature massage cost?

Generally, Signature massage costs Rs. 2000/-.

What is signature massage?

Signature massage help to relieve muscle pain and stretches to open up the body. 

What do you do in signature massage?

First we do massage and then apply a body mask which hydrates your skin and wrap you in a foil or disposable paper for a few minutes.  

What is the benefit of this Massgae?

It helps to increase blood circulation, release tension and anxiety, improves sleep and promote relaxation throughout the body.

How do you do this therapy?

Basically, this therapy is used to heal your injuries. Elbows and forearms used to give extra pressure.