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Lomi Lomi Massage

“Give your body a little love, it deserves it.”

To Feel The Combination Of Nut Oils And Meditation

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Lomi Lomi massage is a traditional massage which combines massage techniques, nuts, oils and dance to sooth the body and mind. It comes from the word Hawaiin which means knead, rub, soothe, work in and out like the paws of contented cat.

This massage techniques are different from other types of massage. Therapists use elbows, knees, knucles and feet during the massage. This massage is not just heal physically, it heals mentally also. It reduce stress, improve flexibility, balance the mind and body. Once your experience this massage, you may not try any other massage again.

It is brought by early Polynesians to Hawaii. Hawaiians created their unique style. They was practised in four different contexts. It is not popular only among natives of Hawaii but among foreign residents also. The difference between lomi lomi and Swedish massage is the “loving touch”. It creates connection between mind, body, emotion and spirit. In this therapy, therapist begins this session by placing their hands gently on the body and staying still for a while. The therapist might use music and chanting of prayers while massage. 

Unlike Thai or Deep Tissue Massage , full body is uncovered in Lomi Lomi massage. Therapist move in flowing motions rather than working on one body part at a time, massaging different parts of the body at the same time so a deep sense of stability and peace is achieved. It touches our soul and heart, feel very relaxed. If you would like to discover maximum benefits massage for yourself, you can fix session for it.

This practice has lot of benefits, it cure wide range of health conditions and imbalance. It break down the blocked energy around joints. This therapy is beneficial for: 

1.     Improve blood circulation

2.     Remove toxins 

3.     Relieve in muscles pains

4.     Increasing flexibility 

5.     Break down calcium deposits

6.     Remove lactic acid build-up

7.     Remove stress, migraine and anxiety

8.     Boost immune system

9.     Improve blood pressure

10.  Improve skin

11.  Reduce emotional tension

12.  Clean the negative thoughts

This massage therapy give you relaxation and free from blockage and stabilizes the mind to face new possibilities.

Duration – 60 Minutes——– Rs 1999 / Person (15 min Steam & Shower)

Duration – 90 Minutes——– Rs 2999 / Person (15 min Steam & Shower)

Duration – 120 Minutes—— Rs 3999 / Person (15 min Steam & Shower) 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your simple spa cost ?

Generally, our simple spa starts form Rs. 1500/-. 

Which Massage is most relaxing in your centre?

Swedish massage is the most relaxing massage which relax and calm down your tight muscles of the body. We use different type of techniques like percussion, kneading, vibration, tapping and rolling. 

Should I take Instant bath after massage?

When you receive an oil massage, aromatherapy, or any kind of massage therapy.  We do not recommend instant bath. Leave it for few hours . When we take instant bath after massage it can lead to skin surface congestion. 

Why do I feel tired after the massage?

If you very tired or fatigue after the massage because  muscle relaxation or release of stress  Most clients experience headache after the deep tissue massage therapy.